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6.EE.A.4 — Identify when two expressions are equivalent (i.e., when the two expressions name the same number regardless of which value is substituted into them). For example, the expressions y + y + y and 3y are equivalent because they name the same number regardless of which number y stands for.Simplifying Variable Expressions Date_____ Period____ Simplify each expression. 1) −3 p + 6p 3p 2) b − 3 + 6 − 2b −b + 3 3) 7x − x 6x 4) 7p − 10 p −3p 5) −10 v + 6v −4v 6) −9r + 10 r r 7) 9 + 5r − 9r 9 − 4r 8) 1 − 3v + 10 11 − 3v 9) 5n + 9n 14 n 10) 4b + 6 − 4 4b + 2 11) 35 n − 1 + 46 35 n + 45 12) −33 v − 49 ... 6th Grade Math Interactive Online Quizzes & Exercises (for Sixth Grade) On this page you will find interactive math quizzes for 6th grade in flash swf format. We have math quizzes that cover topics such as: Algebra, Patterns, Decimals, Division, Metric System, Multiplication, Subtraction, Ratios, Percentages, Integers, Factorisation, integers ...

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factor expressions. X 6.4 Verifying That Expressions Are Equivalent 7.EE.1 7.EE.2 1 This lesson explores different methods, including the use of graphing calculators, to determine if expressions are equivalent. X X 6.5 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Using Operations and Their Properties 7.EE.1 7.EE.2 1 This lesson requires the use of operations

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Brandon bought 6 packs of football cards, p packs of hockey cards, and 4p packs of baseball cards. Brandon wrote this number sentence to find the total number of cards he bought. (6 + p) + 4p = 10p Are these equivalent expressions? 6th grade math review additional resources facts mastery area and volume ratios decimal operations fractions, area, volume expressions equations rational numbers math class news contact teacher homework unit test

You will find solutions and explanations for your homework problems as well as the option to email us for free with any question you might have. Look for this symbol next to every homework problem. Unit 1: Intro to 6th Grade Math & Number CharacteristicsUnit 2: The College Project - Working with DecimalsUnit 3: Integers and Rational NumbersUnit 4: Fraction OperationsUnit 5: Proportional Reasoning: Ratios and RatesUnit 6: Expressions, Equations, & InequalitiesUnit 7: GeometryUnit 8: GeometryUnit 9: StatisticsUnit 10: Review Unit

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