Green finger algae

Description: A variety of algae found in the Ruby Sea, commonly harvested for its salt.

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by blue-green algae toxins. Human Exposure General Health Effects: Rashes or other skin irritations Allergy-like reactions, runny nose or sore throat Toxins ingested in large amounts can cause sharp, severe stomach problems like diarrhea and vomiting, liver damage, numb limbs, tingling fingers and toes or dizziness

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Algae are commonly found in Indiana lakes and streams without concern, but the concentrated presence of blue-green algae can be linked to some adverse health effects, including rashes, skin or eye ... These popular names are by no means scientific or species-specific, and these coats have been known to consist of various green algae species. However, aquarium hobbyists usually talk about 'dust algae' when said green coat can be wiped off the aquarium glass with a finger; it can sometimes even be removed if water is swished on it.

Identification: Codium fragile, or "Dead Man's Fingers" is a seaweed named for its dark green color and soft, felt-like texture.It has earned the common name "Dead Man's Fingers" or "Green Sea Fingers" for its swollen, finger-shaped branches that float in the water, or hang down the sides of rocks and cliffs when the tide is out. Algae are commonly found in Indiana lakes and streams without concern, but the concentrated presence of blue-green algae can be linked to some adverse health effects, including rashes, skin or eye ... The move from Big Oil to Big Algae, says Stephen Mayfield — aka “Dr. Pond Scum,” a founder of Sapphire and director of the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology — “might get CJ out of ...

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